Participation Guidelines

The purpose of this site is to have discussions that are helpful to readers.  There is an understanding that people are passionate about issues of faith.  Please understand that there are others out there who feel just as strongly as you.  Since strong emotions are native in conversations about religion, these discussions can turn ugly.  Do your best to keep your participation in the discussion respectful.

If you feel the need to criticize a post or comment please try to use a tone that doesn’t undermine your position.  In other words, if you attempt to follow a God of love, don’t speak with a hateful tone.  I personally have found that a spoon full of sugar really does make the medicine go down easier.  When presenting an opposing viewpoint, preface it by saying something nice.

From time to time there will be participants who cause unacceptable disruption to the conversation. Unfortunately there will arise a need to remove comments from these individuals.

Here is a brief, but not exclusive, list of posts that will result in deletion:

  • Any comment containing discriminatory language.
  • Any comment containing aggressive or violent language.
  • Trolling
  • Spamming

Please comment responsibly.


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